Headstone Design for Beginner's


A headstone is a marker on top of the grave. Headstones are often seen in cemeteries, but they can also be found in other places, such as outside churches and mosques. This article looks at the process of designing a headstone for a grave. Read on to discover some top tips. Think about the design If you want a simple headstone in the shape of a cross, this design is relatively easy to create.

30 April 2021

Critical Benefits of Webcasting Funeral Services


Although webcasting has been around for a long time, its application in funeral services has only gained traction over the last couple of years. Back then, the thought of broadcasting funeral services in real-time was out of the question. The technology's appeal to funeral homes and customers can be attributed to the increasing mobility of contemporary society. This article explores the benefits of funeral webcasting services. Allows Friends/Family to Extend Support

2 February 2021