Headstone Design for Beginner's


A headstone is a marker on top of the grave. Headstones are often seen in cemeteries, but they can also be found in other places, such as outside churches and mosques. This article looks at the process of designing a headstone for a grave. Read on to discover some top tips.

Think about the design

If you want a simple headstone in the shape of a cross, this design is relatively easy to create. However, if you want something more complex (e.g., an unusual shape), such as an angel with wings that stretch across the headstone and grave, it may be more difficult. You will also need to consider whether this will fit within your budget. The design of the headstone may also affect the price, as the stonemason's time is more expensive if you ask for a complicated design.

Add an inscription

A headstone may have several inscriptions carved into it to show the year of birth, death and maybe some other details about the person buried below it (e.g., date married). These inscriptions are generally the same throughout Australia.

When it comes to writing the inscription, you should make sure it is a clear, easy-to-read and correct format for the date shown on the headstone. Here is an example of a good inscription: This inscription shows that Joseph Monks was born on 1st July 1936 and died on 4th January 2006.

Many people want to place personal imprints (e.g., photographs) in their headstones to show their family or friends who they were and what they achieved in life.

Consider the surroundings

The design of your headstone must comply with the local council regulations for grave-marker size and shape if it is outside a church or mosque. Your headstone should fit in with the surrounding area so that it works well in relation to other nearby graves and monuments. The colour you choose must also be appropriate for the type of stone and surroundings.

Find a stonemason

It is a good idea to get a professional stonemason to design your headstone. Before you visit a stonemason, it is essential to do your research. Make sure you take photographs and examples of any designs that you like with you so that they can be copied. The stonemason should advise you on the best shape, size and materials to use for the headstone. They will also help with the erection of the headstone and prepare it for burial.

For more info on headstone design, contact a local funeral home today.


30 April 2021

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