Two Factors People Should Consider When Selecting a Funeral Home


Here are two factors people should consider when selecting a funeral home for the funeral they need to plan.

The Funeral Home’s Location

It's important for those who need to make this decision to consider the location of any funeral home they're thinking of selecting. Ideally, they should choose a local funeral home that they can reach by car or foot quite easily. The reason for this is that although much of the communication between the funeral director and the client can be done remotely via phone or email, it will still be necessary for the client to go to the funeral home in person several times during the funeral planning process. They might, for instance, need to make additional visits after their initial consultation to view and approve the custom-made casket they've had the funeral home make, and they might need to visit the funeral home on another occasion to view the decor that the funeral director has ordered for the funeral service room for them. All of these visits will be quicker and less stressful for the client if they don't involve lengthy road journeys.

Additionally, if the client chooses a funeral home that is local both to them, and to most of the guests who'll be going to the funeral service, they will also be making attending the funeral much more convenient for these other people. If the person planning the funeral were to select a funeral home located far away from their local area, this could result in some of their other locally-based friends and family being unable to travel to and attend the funeral.

The Services and Resources the Funeral Home Offers

A person planning a funeral should also consider the services and resources offered by the funeral homes they're thinking of using. For example, some funeral homes specialise primarily in secular funerals and, whilst they might be willing to organise religious funeral services, might not be equipped for them. They may not have the appropriate prayer books, vigil candles and items such as crucifixes that might be required for a religious funeral. As such, if a person needs to plan a Christian funeral, they might be better off choosing a funeral home that routinely hosts Christian funeral services, as this business will probably already have all of the required items and will also be familiar with the traditions that are followed during these funerals.

Similarly, if a person needs to use a cremation service, they might want to select a funeral home that has its own on-site crematorium rather than a funeral home that collaborates with a separate crematorium in the area. The former would be more convenient and would mean that those attending the funeral service wouldn't need to travel from the funeral home to the crematorium.

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24 July 2023

Planning a Funeral: A Guide

Hello. If you are in the process of planning a funeral, you have come to the right place. While no one likes the idea of having to plan their own or a family member's funeral, death is something which no one can escape. By learning all you can about this subject now, you can make informed decisions about how you want your or a family member's send off from this world to be organised and paid for. We aren't pros but we are passionate about this subject. Read on to find out more about the process of planning a funeral.