How A Funeral Director Can Assist With Your Pre-Planned Funeral


Pre-planned funerals have become common in recent years. It is especially so since they give you the power to plan your funeral, thus reducing the emotional burden that family members go through when planning a funeral. Funeral directors are at the heart of pre-planned funerals. The article below details some questions that you should ask your funeral director when pre-planning your funeral. 

What Is Your Experience?

Experience is a critical factor when hiring a funeral director. Ideally, you want someone with the skills and expertise to execute your final wishes meticulously. Contact some of the director's clients and check their social media reviews to determine the quality of services that they provide. When working with an online funeral director, ask for their licensing details and contact a professional association to confirm their details. 

Do You Offer Pre-Paid Funeral Plans?

A pre-paid funeral plan is an insurance cover that pays for your funeral expenses. If the funeral director offers this plan, read the terms of engagement to ascertain the following: 

  • Is the plan paid in instalments or a lump sum?
  • What expenses does the plan cover? Go for comprehensive coverage that pays major and miscellaneous expenses.
  • Check whether you can cash out your policy if you are no longer interested in it.
  • Inquire about the guarantees. For instance, you should receive your money if the director closes shop. 

What Are The Burial Options?

If you are not sure about your preferred burial method, a funeral director could give a comparative analysis of cremation and ground burial. The distinctive feature between these two options is that you will not need a grave if you opt for cremation. Instead, your loved ones will receive an urn with your ashes. At your request, these ashes could be used to make jewellery that could become a family heirloom. On the other hand, a ground burial gives your friends and loved ones a lasting memory. They can visit your grave at will, leave flowers or tender the gravesite. 

Can You Organise Family Counselling?

Your death is likely to affect the mental well-being of your family members. As such, consider funeral directors that can organise counselling for your immediate family members. In such a way, they have an easy time letting you go. Rather than mourn at the funeral, they will celebrate a life well-lived. 

When pre-planning your funeral, hire an experienced director to execute your final wishes. The director should offer pre-paid funeral plans, organise cremation or ground burial and counsel your immediate family. 


3 August 2021

Planning a Funeral: A Guide

Hello. If you are in the process of planning a funeral, you have come to the right place. While no one likes the idea of having to plan their own or a family member's funeral, death is something which no one can escape. By learning all you can about this subject now, you can make informed decisions about how you want your or a family member's send off from this world to be organised and paid for. We aren't pros but we are passionate about this subject. Read on to find out more about the process of planning a funeral.