Critical Benefits of Webcasting Funeral Services


Although webcasting has been around for a long time, its application in funeral services has only gained traction over the last couple of years. Back then, the thought of broadcasting funeral services in real-time was out of the question. The technology's appeal to funeral homes and customers can be attributed to the increasing mobility of contemporary society. This article explores the benefits of funeral webcasting services.

Allows Friends/Family to Extend Support

When a loved one passes on, the family goes through a numbing and overwhelming period. Therefore, the family could use all the support they can get from friends and the community. The impact of merely being present during a funeral service goes a long way in assuring the grieving family they have shoulders to lean on during the trying period. Webcasting allows family members to invite relatives and friends from all over the world who could not make the trip to extend their support. An excellent example is a son or daughter who is bedridden in another country and cannot travel for a funeral. Webcast services allow them to be part of the service and even read the eulogy or pay tribute to their deceased parent.


Indeed, funerals can be very upsetting, and in most cases, things go so fast that one does not have time to digest what is happening. For most people, funeral arrangements, viewing of the body and service often feel like a blur in the days following burial. When you cannot remember segments of such a momentous occasion, regrets can flood your thoughts, and you might wish for a record of the proceedings. With funeral webcast services, you do not have to worry about such regrets. You can watch the entire funeral again and listen to tributes. Most importantly, watching the recorded version of a funeral service allows loved ones to face their grief, which goes a long way in healing them. 

Understand Culture Better

Different cultures around the world conduct funerals in unique ways. Unfortunately, it is difficult to understand and appreciate various cultural practices if you do not attend a funeral service. While it is easy to question some of the practices, it is essential to appreciate diversity, and funeral webcasts are breaking the barrier. For instance, family members can invite friends from different cultures to attend a funeral service via a webcast, a critical step in fostering cultural understanding and appreciation.


2 February 2021

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