What to Expect at a Funeral & How to Prepare Your Child


Parenthood is filled with difficult decisions, and one such choice is whether or not they should bring their child to a funeral. You need to think about your child's relationship with the deceased and whether attending the funeral will help your child with their grieving process. Regardless of your decision, you need to tell your child what they can expect to help the whole process be less daunting. So what are some of the things you'll need to guide your child through?

1. Let Your Child Know What to Expect During the Service

A good way to brief your child about how they should behave at a funeral is to describe it like a school assembly or going to church. This lets them know that they need to sit quietly while paying respectful attention to the speaker. Ask your child if they can hold off asking any questions until the service is over. If there's anything truly urgent to say, then they can talk to you as quietly as they can manage.

2. Help to Demystify a Funeral

It might be helpful to arrive slightly early to familiarise your child with the venue. You can arrive before the other guests, show your child where the service will be held and point out where the casket will be positioned—even though the presence of the deceased can be disconcerting and can lead to some difficult questions. You might even wish to introduce your child to the funeral directors, who can answer any enquiries your child might have, and the technical aspects of the service can help to demystify the whole process for your child.

3. Be Aware That Some Time Out Might Be Needed

No matter how much you prepare your child for what they will experience at the funeral service, there's still the prospect that they might find it all a bit too much to handle. It can be helpful to expect that your child might need to step outside for a moment. If there are other children at the service, perhaps a friend or family member in attendance can take responsibility for taking any children outside for some fresh air. Just be sure that they know to still be reasonably quiet when they're outside so that they don't disrupt the service.

Once you've decided that your child will be attending the funeral service, you need to make sure that they're adequately prepared. Contact local funeral directors to learn more. 


28 January 2020

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