Ways You Can Personalise a Grave Stone


When a loved one passes away and you choose to have them buried, you may also decide to mark their place of rest with a grave stone. Depending on where the burial takes place, you may need to wait up to six months before you can place a tombstone there. During that time, you should consider how you want to personalise the stone.

Who They Were

Although the gravestone you choose will feature your loved one's name, you may want to include information about who they were in this world. A lot of people like to use inscriptions such as "A loving parent to..." or the "Caring spouse of..."

Try talking to members of your family to see if your loved one expressed any preferences. Together, you can think of a suitable solution that will help you memorialise them.

Their Image

Adding an image to a tombstone is another popular way to personalise it. Again, this is an approach you should discuss with other members of the family.

If you're struggling to choose an image, consider whether you would prefer one from when they were young or when they were older. You may all want to contribute an image, and if more than one person chooses the same one, that could be the best image to use.

Favourite Colours

Some of the most common gravestone colours are black, white, grey and blue. However, that doesn't mean they're the only colours you can choose.

When someone passes away, you may be able to remember them using details as simple as a colour. Before assuming you can use one, though, make sure you ask your funeral director about permitted colours. Some cemeteries may place restrictions on the types you can choose.

Personal Quotes

If your loved one was particularly passionate about a cause or if they loved a certain piece of prose, look into finding a suitable quote. Other sources you can turn to include inspirational people they admired and songs they enjoyed listening to.

Adding a quote they loved to their tombstone may help you to reflect on them fondly when you go to visit the graveside. Before making your final decision, ensure you ask the engraver if it's possible to fit it on.

With a little thought and some discussions with others, personalising a gravestone becomes much easier. If you're feeling stuck for ideas, try reflecting on the matter with the person making it or your funeral director.


22 January 2020

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