How To Choose A Funeral Home


Have you given thought to planning your funeral? Well, it is a sure way to give your family peace of mind once you pass away. The funeral home is an essential consideration when planning the ceremony. Read this article to learn how to choose a funeral home. 


Two factors come into play when deciding the location of the funeral home. It could either be near your home or final resting place. A facility located close to your home allows your family to view the body at their convenience. They can move the body from the funeral home to hold a mass or wake. If the funeral home is close to your gravesite, your family could opt to conduct a mass at the funeral home and your burial ceremony at the grave.


Visit a few funeral homes and examine the services they provide. The facility should have clean and sufficient public amenities such as parking, conference rooms and washrooms. The funeral home should be ideal for your preferred burial. For instance, it should have a crematorium in you would want your body cremated. Embalming can temporarily or permanently preserve your remains.

Transport services are a must-have. Some funeral homes will also provide caskets and staff to dig your grave. Some funeral homes may help your family acquire the required permits to hold a burial. They will help you secure space at your local cemetery. 

The Funeral Director

A funeral director will take charge of the funeral planning process, thus ensuring your family has adequate time to mourn. His or her work begins immediately you die. The director will organise transport to the funeral home. Further, he or she will: 

  • Put up an obituary in local dailies
  • Work with your immediate family to inform friends and relatives of your death
  • Provide counselling to your spouse, children and other dependants
  • Help your family prepare the funeral program
  • Organise the funeral venue and provide tents, chairs, décor, PA systems and catering services

Availability of Funeral Plans

A funeral plan similar to an insurance cover. However, it becomes active once you die. It can be paid in instalments or as a lump sum. It is vital to check the terms and conditions of the funeral plan. For instance, what does it cover? Can you cancel the policy and get a full refund? Preferably, choose a customisable plan. It gives you the power to decide what to include or exclude from the plan.

When choosing a funeral home, examine its location, check the available services and the availability of funeral plans. Besides, work with an experienced funeral director. Look for funeral homes in your area. 


24 June 2020

Planning a Funeral: A Guide

Hello. If you are in the process of planning a funeral, you have come to the right place. While no one likes the idea of having to plan their own or a family member's funeral, death is something which no one can escape. By learning all you can about this subject now, you can make informed decisions about how you want your or a family member's send off from this world to be organised and paid for. We aren't pros but we are passionate about this subject. Read on to find out more about the process of planning a funeral.